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SSD Recovery

Solid State Drives may be the future of data storage, however because the technology is still new problems often arise leading to the need for data recovery services.  Revenant Data specialists are here to help!  Whether you are having trouble with a brand-new solid-state drive or hybrid drive, our data recovery specialists are adept in all types of file recovery ranging from QuickBooks and Sage to Excel and Word. 

We utilize some of the most cutting-edge tools for physical SSD repair including chip off repairs.  Our engineering team is constantly researching data recovery solutions for damage to SSD firmware and software, often engaging with other researchers around the United States and abroad.  As always, your data and privacy are our highest priority.  The Revenant Data Recovery team strives to keep standards high and costs at a minimum in efforts to make our services viable for both individuals as well as large enterprises.  

SSD Data Recovery Specialist
SSD Data Recovery Service

The early model solid state drive which is still in use resembles the form factor pictured here.

SSD Data Recovery Service

The latest technology for solid state storage are NVMe based storage devices. A small sampling of these devices are pictured here. These devices offer a massive increase in speed over their traditional SATA counterpart pictured above.


Discovery the personal service that revenant data recovery is known for

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