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What is Incident Response?

Computer and data security breaches are always on the rise, and the ability to stay one step ahead of security threats is increasingly difficult. Companies are faced with mitigating outside attacks as well as internal threats, adding yet another complicated layer to their incident response model. Independent analysis and remediation of both internal and external cyber threats is a step that is often overlooked, yet can mean the difference between an infrastructure that is more complete and robust, or one that is perpetually insecure.

The team at Revenant Data has developed custom solutions to modern cyber security threats. Based on our background in data recovery, we are able to take a truly holistic approach to each incident response case, working from every angle at each layer of the attack surface to ensure minimal risk of a repeat breach.

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Incident response is a multi-step process for handling data security breaches, ransomware attacks, other malware based attacks, and internal security breaches. Our incident handlers are trained in responding to each aspect of an IT incident that may befall your company. In an effort to keep your costs lower, our technicians and experts are able to provide custom tailored solutions to your business, focused on mitigating data theft and exfiltration and offering long term solutions to prevent further security breaches.

Revenant Data offers different IT incident handling options that are dependent on your company’s needs. Whether your business opts for a quick summary of events or an in-depth full report, you will walk away with the knowledge necessary to address your infrastructure’s vulnerabilities and prevent future breaches. Our incident handlers can develop unique incident response preparedness documentation for your company to follow in the event of a cyber security breach. In addition to written plans of action, Revenant Data is happy to provide hands-on training for your department leads, with real world scenarios involving ransomware, computer viruses, and responding to internal threats.

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