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Hard Drive Recovery

Performing physical repairs on hard disks requires a significant amount of patience, practice, and dedication.  Our data recovery specialists are certified in all levels of physical HDD repairs including but not limited to beeping hard disks, clicking hard disks, HDDs that have experienced impact damage such as a drop, liquid damage, and electrical damage from events such as power surges.

In addition to repairing damaged PCBs (printed circuit board) including individual chip repair, our specialists are highly skilled in the most invasive data recovery procedures involving severely damaged heads, and in some cases even the platters (also known as media damage).

Our engineering team participates in continued education and are constantly developing new hard drive recovery methods to better serve our customers while keeping costs low.

From the point of diagnosis of your hard drive all the way to handing you a new backup, our data recovery specialists maintain the highest level of attention to detail.  Your data and privacy are our top priority and are treated with meticulous care at every step.

Hard Drive Recovery Services

Here you see one of our owners working on a drive in our clean environment. 

Best Hard Drive Recovery Services

We are experts in external hard drive recovery and repair, LaCie external hard drive recovery, western digital external hard drive recovery and many others. Your data can be some of the most precious memories and every precaution is taken to ensure that your information is recovered quickly and safely. Our hard drive recovery services in Portland, OR are available 24/7 in case of an emergency. We can repair clicking hard drives, buzzing hard drives, and all types of hard drive repair and advanced data recovery.


These are some of the questions we get most often.

A clean room is required because of airborne particulate matter (a.k.a dust). The internal components of a hard drive are so sensitive that small dust particles can destroy them. 

We have all at one point or another deleted files from our desktop on accident. The answer to this depends on a few things. If your computer uses a modern SSD then recovering deleted files can be tricky. A new feature called TRIM cleans up deleted files almost immediately. From other storage devices files can be more easily recovered.

A hard drive can click for a variety of reasons. Usually this sound indicates a physical problem with the read elements inside of the drive. If these elements are damaged, any time the drive is powered on could be causing additional damage that can make data recovery impossible. 

There are a variety of file formats that exist. If you are dealing with legacy software and need assistance we are more than happy to help!


Discovery the personal service that revenant data recovery is known for

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