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Whether your storage device has endured physical damage like chip failure, platter damage, or PCB failure, or logical damage after incidents such as a power outage or accidental deletion, Revenant Data Recovery engineers have what it takes to securely recover your files.  Self-encrypting devices often make file recovery more difficult.  Our specialists engage in continuous training with the highest caliber of industry tools so that when your SSD, USB or encrypted hard drive is keeping you from your own data, Revenant Data will help you safely recovery your files.

Ransomware has become a prevalent dilemma among small and midsize businesses in recent years and can be devastating. A full recovery from malicious attacks such as these is contingent upon the type of ransomware used to infect your system. Fortunately, the Revenant Data certified experts are unrelenting in efforts to recover and repair your system files, and are dedicated to getting your business up and running as quickly and securely as possible.

Professional Data Recovery Services

How the process works?

Drive taken to our lab

Our offices are open Monday thru Friday from 10AM to 5PM. Have a busy schedule? We offer courier services as well after hour drop off and pick up options by appointment.

Diagnosis and Quote

Our technical staff will conduct diagnostic operations on your drive. Depending on our finding and the intake questions we assess the potential for data recovery and if possible retrieve the file names that are on the drive. A quote for the recovery is then provided.

Data Recovery Agreement

Our data recovery agreement tells you what you can expect from a recovery. It covers several scenarios you can know up-front what to expect.

Data Recovered

In this stage the data is recovered to our internal storage array using a variety of different methods. Once recovered samples are chosen at random to ensure the recovered data is free of corruption, unless it is specifically requests otherwise. All work is done on site in our lab. All data remains on our premise at all times.

Diagnostic Fee

Along with your data recovery agreement there is a $50 diagnostic fee that is assessed before the case is started. This covers our time and materials to assess the data recovery potential of your device. Rush services are available for an additional charge.

Payment and Delivery

The recovered data is saved to a new storage device of your choice. We also offer competitive pricing on our preferred WD My Passport storage devices.


Discovery the personal service that revenant data recovery is known for

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