External Drive Recovery

WD My Passport, WD MyBook, Seagate FreePlay and other portable storage devices containing spinning hard disks.

How do external drives fail?

External drive recovery includes drives such as Western Digitial Passport and Seagate Freeplay which are commonly used as a portable method to quickly transfer large files. Files for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and other photo editing and movie files can be recovered from these devices depending on the nature of the device failure.
One of the most common issue we see with newer portable storage recovery is a problem called “head stick”. This occurs when the read element of a hard drive (called the head) becomes stuck to the magnetic media or platter. 

Media Damage

External drives often suffer damage to the media (the magnetic platter where the data is stored). Pictured on the left is a hard drive with media damage. The professional tools that we use allow us to identify and bypass damaged sections such as the one pictured here. In some cases, we can recover data by reading the specified undamaged regions of the disk itself.


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