Revenant Data Recovery

A bit about us

Our Core Values

Revenant Data Recovery is also a proud supporter of the Oregon Right to Repair movement whose main objective is to guarantee consumers the right to fair access to repair services ranging from hard drives, phones and tablets to vehicles and large mechanical equipment.  We believe this is an integral step toward genuine innovation in data recovery practices.

Our Mission

Our dedicated research team is constantly working on the latest hard disk drives (HDD), solid-state drives (SSD), and all other manner of storage devices with the goal of providing you the most cost effective, painless data recovery process.  We spend hours upon hours developing new strategies for repairing hard drives and solid state devices, working with leading industry tools and staying on the cutting edge of data recovery, and we love what we do!

Our Vision

Our team is comprised of professional, certified data recovery experts with extensive training in both logical recovery processes and specialized repairs performed in our Class 10, ISO 5 clean environment.  We are excited to be the only local facility in Portland, Oregon with a full lab and the most dedicated researchers committed to improving the industry! 

Revenant Data Recovery serving the Portland area for years to come!

Starting a business in the garage is a common story in the field of technology.  Revenant Data Recovery began much in the same way with only a minor change in scenery- the basement.  What started as a fun research project that we worked on in our spare time has launched into a company that is built on passion, initiative, and innovation.  

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